Close Encounters of the Jamaican Kind
This comic, sad, desperate story is a continuation of the
adventures of T. Douglas Mullin's search for the meaning of
women in his life.  This search began in Miller's former
Photo Sessions.  A photographer and wanderer,
Mullin moves from Penn State to Florida, where he sets up
a photo studio to take pictures of beautiful young women.  
He also travels to Jamaica with his camera on the ready.  
There, his mind is blown by the rich, sensual beauty of the
women he meets, especially at an anything-goes night club
in Negril called Close Encounters.  With his local
companions he roams beaches and mountain roads
enjoying sensual delights almost at every turn.
Negril, Jamaica, and St. Petersburg, Florida, present a veritable
sex playround for Mullin but are not without certain perils such as
jealous boyfriends, police, and his own conscience.  This
smokin' hot
novel contains strong adult content from a straight guy's point of
view.  It also includes gorgeous setting descriptions and topnotch
prose, both of which place the category of the book in the realm of
literary erotica, though it is not, by any means, lacking in socially
redeeming value, mainly in Mullin's struggle with his sense of right
and wrong.  There are lessons for all marginally sexually-addicted
personalities, and just plain stirring reading for those up to it .
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160 pages
60,000 words