driftwood houses
"As tangy as Key lime pie."
"Wry and tender."
"As offbeat as the place itself."
A retired postal worker falls head
over heels for a Japanese porn star.

A Cuban refugee discovers a mind-
boggling secret about his benefactor.

A high school virgin falls prey to the
local rake.

A navy wife takes to writing stories
to comprehend her infidelity.

An alcoholic, lesbian writing teacher
takes in a homeless, street-wise
teen and faces her ambivalent love
for her wayward son.
A repentant pedophile confronts his
past and gets even with an old friend.

A med student drops out to sail with
his salty-dog mentor and faces dad.

A gorgeous Seminole falls for the
charms of an Iranian ex-patriot.

That Iranian resorts to desperate
measures to extract himself from the
porn business.

A boxing champion contends with his
spiritual beliefs to save a beauty
Ten stories,Ten dreams:  in the tradition of Florida fiction,
a novel-like sequence, filled with surprises, laughs and tears.  It's ironic,
downright creepy in spots, slices of Key West life that end with the
transcendental power of the human spirit.
ISBN:  9 781456 530785, 204 pages  (61,000 words)
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