NEGRIL, Jamaica.  My first destination back in the nineties.  On the suggestion of a friend,  I stayed at the Charela Inn.  Negril
Beach.  In the mornings, I walked with my camera.  I love Negril Beach.  It's a collection of posh tourist resorts and funky local
places.  Filled with color.  Of course, it's a topless beach, and in some spots even nudity prevails.  These are some of my
impressions of Negril Beach.
One my first trip to Jamaica, I stayed at Negril Beach.  At the Charela Inn I met a fellow who managed the beach,
Wayne.  On is day off he became my guide to the Jamaican countryside.  He is a great guy and gave me a
wonderful tour, during which I took many photographs.  Here are my images of the Jamaican outback, western
Jamaica including Black River, Savannah-la-mar, Bamboo Avenue, and the hills above Lucea.
Of course, as a photographer I was captivated by the Jamaican women.  I did a lot of portfolios of the local
beauty.  Here are shots of some of the women I worked with, all over eighteen and all of the photos with signed
releases.  If you are interested in seeing complete portfolios (including nudes) you can email me: