Two Stories of Jamaica
In this hilarious island romp, you
will meet Ivor Blake, a
bothersome beach hustler, proud
of his noble ancestry, who is
given an assignment that
challenges his procurement
abilities to the max.  There's also
an ex-boxer cabbie, Marlin, who
tries to help Ivor, and Coco, a
pimp, who looms dangerously in
the background.  If the tale were
not enough in and of itself, you'll
also be treated to a tour of the
area and its culture.  The
world-famous seven-mile beach
in Negril and its pleasures cannot
be marred even by the
persistence of hucksters like
Ivor, who, really, besides trying
to earn their daily bread, aim only
to please.
The Soubre' Problem
Negril Beach, on the far western
edge of Jamaica, is one of the
most beautiful beaches in the
world.  Part of its charm is the
presence of native culture as it
mixes with its thousands of
yearly visitors.  No wonder, then,
that this is where Charlie, a
well-known journalist, goes to
write his final, gut-wrenching
piece.  In this bittersweet story,
the seasoned writer finds
himself inexplicably drawn away
from his task by Whitey, a ganja
dealer, John, an altruistic
Canadian, and Isabella, a
stunning young prostitute who
reminds him of the guilt he feels
from a past assignment in Africa.  
It's an article he must write, but
can he?
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