"The writer's skill is evident throughout
- heady stuff indeed."  
Jamaica Gleaner
"Sexy ... Sinful ... Sensational!"
Elaine Bardsley, author of
Vision Quests
"Like Stella, Glenn reclaims his
groove in Jamaica, but of the two
books, Miller's is not only the braver
but the truer."  Harriet, Jamaica, NY
"I love this book!  It's an incredible
love story with a different twist and
many anxious turns."  Barbara English,
author of
Until Death Do You Part
"My boyfriend picked up this book
when I'd put it down for a moment.  I
couldn't get it back for a week."
Jane, Chicago
"I feel closer to the country of
Jamaica, as if I visited there.  I
especially like Rosalind, who tries to
find a way out of her desperate life and
how the love of her heart saves her."  
Yuka,, Shiga, Japan
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ROZ is a second printing, highly edited and combining first editions of Jamaica Girl and
Jamaica Woman.)  
Photos from the cover shoot of ROZ.