It began as a hobby, a remedy
for cabin fever.

It became a creative obsession,
a middle aged male fantasy
come true.

It shocked the university town
of State College, Pennsylvania,
and turned Mullin's life upside
A fictionalized version of a real
assault case, this gripping novel
explores middle aged madness,
prosecutorial protocol, and the
boundaries of sexual consent.

It also takes us on the journey
of T. Douglas Mullin's harrowing
attempt to comprehend the role
of women in his life.
A Penn State Sex Parable!
Happy Valley Awakened! The Nittany Lions shocked from complacency!
Inspired by a real sexual assault case rivaled only by the Duke University lacrosse
party and by Kobe Bryant's Colorado tryst.  Available in print or as an eBook at
The Calendar that ...
... ignited a
Penn State controversy.

"As he worked on his photographs, Mullin imagined becoming a fully professional
photographer, earning his living and even reaching national acclaim by taking pictures of
beautiful women.  The names Arny Freytag and Bob Guccione came to mind.  Maybe he
would even reach the status of Richard Avedon.  As great as these icons of photography
were, however, only his own work would be known by the public as possessing "the
ineffable Mullin mystique."