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Author of nine novels, two story collections, and a memoir, Jon Michael Miller welcomes
you to his website.  For details on each book, click on image or use navigation bar above.
Jon Michael Miller was born and raised in Lancaster County,
Pennsylvania.  He was educated at Penn State University where he
studied, worked and taught for over twenty years.  He was also a high
school teacher, a professional photographer, and an instructor of
Transcendental Meditation.  His years in the TM movement, founded by
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, are the subject of his memoir.

His time at Ohio State University during the turbulent sixties form the
backdrop of his novel
Thrown Together just as his years at Penn State
Photo Sessions & The Virgin, Viv.   ROZ, Close Encounters of
a Jamaican Kind, & Negril Beach
are set in Jamaica, and Driftwood
in Key West.

His recent book,
Love and War at Kent State, was inspired by his
haunting memories of those times.  Though he was not present at the
May, 1970, shootings, he was not far away in Columbus, where, but
for the grace of God, no one was killed in the mayhem.

In his newest,
Five Paths Crossing, a geriatric Big Chill, five seniors get
back together after fifty years, to discuss their formative years
together.  A reflective reminiscence of the waywardness of youth.

Mr. Miller now lives and teaches in Saint Petersburg, Florida.  A
description of his English as a Second Language consulting services
can be found at  As an ESL teacher, he has
produced a series of  books for ESL teachers and home study students
based upon learning English from American films.  These study books
are available on line and also on his ESL website.

Mr. Miller is available for lively and stimulating speaking engagements.  
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Jon Michael Miller


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